Clear View

August 4, 2019

Thought is a movement.

Like everything else, thought is energy; a subtle movement. If a thought appears to try to find its own source the thought activity slows down to a thought-less oscillation; like a quiet pendulum swinging back and forth with nothing attached to it. The energy moves from fixating upon thought patterns into a sense of space, which includes an impartial observing.

Thought cannot become Silence or Stillness. Trying to attain some preconceived notion called ‘Silence’ or ‘Self Realisation’ through thinking is impossible. The labels ‘silence’ or ‘self realisation’ may appear but the label or word is never what it is pointing to.

Thought is a movement. In the scheme of things, the so-called mind appears to empty itself due to an intention, which I call ‘investigation’. The true nature of mind is clear and empty. No mind, is empty mind. Pure wakefulness is perfect, just as it is. Non conceptual wakefulness cannot be understood through words or conventional meaning. It is already so. Perfect.

Everything is energy appearing as patterns. So called things are patterns of energy appearing. That which cognises the patterns is not a pattern – it is the energy that forms the patterns and remains totally out of reach for the intellect, which is primarily base upon language or words.

To be what you are is effortless. To try to become something that you are not is only a mind game. All kinds of complex rituals and disciplines can only repeat variations of a theme. A theme of wanting to control. Even the most sophisticated philosophy or psychology cannot encapsulate the simplicity of this present, spontaneous, activity of knowing. All they can do is put names on ‘things’ and the names are not the thing. A dog chasing its tail is synonymous with a seeker trying to become enlightened, through physical, intellectual or emotional disciplines.

Be what you are. No effort required. Already so. What a relief!

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