The essence of Intelligence

August 9, 2019

Art by Katika Schultz

The essence of intelligence is spontaneous and immediate. It does not abide in memory and it is not stored anywhere. It is totally spontaneous and immediate and that is the absolute beauty of it.  

One could say it is available to everyone without exception but it is more correct to say that it is the essence of everyone. No separation.  
The realm of concepts is multiplicity. Many concepts but only one awareness. Many experiences but only one uninterrupted experiencing.

The natural state is wordless and silent, undivided by concepts, knowledge or belief.

The basic story of mankind has not changed in thousands of years. The details of the story are constantly changing.  
The psychology is basically the same. People suffer the same basic problems of jealousy, anger, fear and confusion.

Clarity is not to be found in beliefs or concepts.

Clarity is self evident in the natural wakefulness, which abides with everyone, no matter what their circumstances are. No matter what their beliefs are and no matter how smart they are.

To recognise this natural wakefulness seems to be very difficult and it appears to elude the most ardent student of consciousness.
It is similar to space. It is obvious everywhere and yet it cannot be pin pointed as a ‘thing’.
All efforts to describe it fail and no one can truthfully claim to have acquired it by any means.

It is already so.

If it were not so, these words and nothing else would even appear at all.

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